DIF-DBS Memorials

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ed Whalen

Ed Whalen, television personality from CHCT, later CFAC television in Calgary, who was a commentator for the world famous "Stampede Wrestling", the "Voice of the Calgary Flames", a columnist for the Calgary Sun newspaper, and a regular host for the Children's Miracle Network Telethon

Stu Hart

Stu Hart, Canadian wrestler, who started the world famous "Stampede Wrestling", and raised and trained an entire family of famous wrestlers in "The Dungeon", which was in the family home in Calgary, Alberta.

Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz, who brought the world the comic strip "Peanuts", and the lovable characters Snoopy and Charlie (Good Grief) Brown!

Foster Hewitt

Foster Hewitt , who was listened to every Saturday night on radio and later on televison as he commentated on Canada's greatest sport... HOCKEY! He's best know for his famous line "He shoots... HE SCORES!"

Pierre Burton

Pierre Burton, possibly Canada's greatest history writer, and well known television personality.

Milton Berle

Milton Berle, who was an extremely popular comic in vaudeville, radio, television and movies.

Juilius Schwartz

Juilius "Julie" Schwartz, who was responible for the "Silver Age" of Comics... who revitalized The Flash, Green Lantern and other characters, and went on to edit of Batman and Superman.

Charles Rocket

Charles Rocket, best known to fans of the 80's cyber-punk series "Max Headroom" as Ned Grossberg, who was head of Network 23. He lost his job after the infamous "Blipvert" scandal, and moved to rival Network 66.
He also appeared on "Quantum Leap" in the christmas episode "It's a Wonderful Leap"... he was a scrooge type character, and it was Sam and Al's job to show him the the true meaning of chrismas... doing a "Christmas Carol" style scheme!

Fay Wray

Fay Wray, born in near Cardston, Alberta, best known from the classic movie, King Kong!!

Pat Morita

Pat Morita, best know as "Arnold" from the television series "Happy Days" and Mr. Miyagi from the movie series "The Karate Kid>" (Wax on, wax off!)

Doug Henning

Doug Henning, famous Winnipgeg, Manitoba born magician, who changed the performance of magic on television in the 1970's

Jasper Maskelyne

Jasper Maskelyne, a stage magician who worked with the British Army in Africa during WWII.

Jeffrey Hunter

Best known to fans of Star Trek as Captain Christopher Pike, the second commander of the Constitution Class starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini, one of the greatest illusionist and escape artists of the early 20th century. He was a master of locks, handcuffs and other restraint systems.

Peter Fidler

Peter Fidler, a fur trader and explorer for the Hudson Bay Company, was the first white man to explore Central and South-Western Alberta in 1792 and 1793. His base of operations at this time was Buckingham House, SE of present day Elk Point, where the wooden statue of him now stands.

J.B. Tyrell

Joseph Burr Tyrell was the first white man to discover Dinosaur Bones in the Red Deer Valley, just west of Drumheller. His discovery of an Albertasaur skull was the first of numerous fossil discoveries in this area. The Royal Tyrell Museum, located in Drumheller is named in his honor.

Jerry Potts

Jerry Potts was a Metis (Half Blood Indian/Half White) who was hired as a scout by the NWMP (North West Mounted Police) in Fort Benton, Montana. His unmatched knowledge of the country, and his ability to speak several Indian languages helped the NWMP bring law and order to the Canadian West.

David Thompson

David Thompson, originally a fur trader for the Hudson Bay Company, became a map maker for the rival North-West Company. With his wife and 14 children, he criss-crossed Western Canada and NW United States, surveying and mapping as they went. His results was so accurate, the map was still being used into the early 20th century. It was re-discovered by J.B. Tyrell in the mid 19th century.

John Ware

John Ware, a slave who grew up in the Southern United States, came to Canada in a cattle drive, and became one of Alberta's greatest cowboys. His log cabin is now located at Dinosaur Provincial Park, NE of Brooks, Alberta. The four 9's above the picture were the brand he used to identifiy his cattle.

Monday, November 21, 2005

You Can't Be All You Can Be If YOU'RE DEAD!!!

This idea I got from a news story about a student who came up with this paid advertisment for his school newspaper. With almost 2100 dead in Iraq, and most probably more and more to come, I think this message should be screamed loud and clear around the United States.

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges... one of my all time favorite comedy trios, who's rather intense slapstick comedy and insane sound effects have always made me laugh!

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!!!

2100 Dead In Iraq

This is a more serious memorial to the 2100 dead in Iraq. This is from an idea given to me by B.J. Cote, who suggested the blackjack "21"... using the Ace of Spade (AKA The Death Card), and Knave of Clubs (Used for the lying, deceitful, coward in chief).

Once again, we must ask "HOW MANY MORE???"

Friday, November 18, 2005

Douglas Adams

Douglas Nolan Adams (DNA)
Douglas Adams, writer of the infamous Trilogy in 5 parts, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", prolific Apple Computer user and fan, environmentalist, and evolution supporter.

Batman - The 60's TV Series

This is for the characters from the Batman TV series from January 12, 1966 to March 14 1968.

Frank Gorshin
AKA The Riddler. The Riddler, with an insane laugh to match the Joker, was always dropping clues and riddles to Batman and Robin for them to solve... sometimes at their own peril.

Burgess Meredith
AKA The Penguin. One of Batman's best known villains, the cigarette smoking, umbrella handing villain who had a tendency to go "WAUGH WAUGH WAUGH" when irritated or upset.

Cesar Romero
AKA The Joker. Batman's greatest villain, the Joker was a grinning ghoul who laughed an insane laugh at the drop of hat. He had schemes to get rid of the dynamic dunderheads, but were always defeated by Batman and Robin.

Alan Napier
AKA Bruce Wayne's loyal Butler Alfred Pennyworth, who answered the Bat-phone, kept the atomic pile and the crime-fighting equipment in the Batcave dusted, and helped Batman and Robin in their quest to bring justice to Gotham City

Madge Blake
AKA Aunt Harriet Cooper, Dick Grayson's aunt, who lived with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in stately Wayne Manor, and had no idea that Bruce and Dick were Batman and Robin.

Neil Hamilton and Stafford Repp
AKA Police Commissioner Gordon, and Police Chief O'Hara. Commissioner Gordon used the red bat-phone in his office to call the caped crusaders whenever trouble arrived. O'Hara was always at the commissioner side, and occasionally helped Batman and Robin out.

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve

Best Known as Superman, who proved he was a true man of steel after he was paralyzed after an accident. He also appeared on the TV series "Smallville" as a astronomer who helped Clark Kent find out about his Kryptonian heritage, and in a humorous ad for the "Christopher Reeve Foundation" with fellow actor Tom Welling, who plays a teenage Clark Kent.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wayne and Shuster

Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster: CBC Radio and television comediennes, known to Canadian and American audiences for their 67 appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS television, and having their own long running series on CBC television in Canada. They are best known for their "Literate" comedy, combined with slapstick, and for skits like "Rinse the Blood Off My Toga" a take off of Julius Caesar (with the famous line "Julie don't go!), and the Shakespeare Baseball Game, which had a baseball team filled with characters from Hamlet and Macbeth. This was a tip of the hat to the Stratford Shakespeare festival, in Stratford, Ontario.

One of my favorite lines from W&S is from "Rinse the Blood of my Toga", where the hero, Flavius Maximus, the famous Private Roman Eye goes into a bar and orders a "Martinus". The bartender asks him, "Don't you mean "Martini?" Flavius shoots back "If I wanted two, I'd ask for them!"
An interesting note is Frank's cousin, Joe Shuster, is the co-creator of Superman!!

Mr. Dressup

Mr. Dressup: With his famous "Tickle Trunk", which contained costumes for dressing up, Ernie Coombs entertained Canadian children for 29 years on CBC Television with his friends Casey and Finnegan, along with additional characters over the years.

John Lennon

John Lennon: Rhythm guitarist for the world famous British band, The Beatles. He is one of the greatest musical icons of the 20th century, and with Paul McCartney, he heavily influenced the development of rock and roll music. Tragically, John was killed by a deranged fan on December 8, 1980. This year will be the 25th anniversary of this tragic event.

George Harrison

George Harrison: Lead guitarist and songwriter for the world famous British band, The Beatles. He was also a film producer, who worked on one of my favorites... Monty Python and The Life of Brian. He also did a cameo apperance on the Simpsons.

Friendly Giant

Friendly Giant: Bob Homme was known to Canadian children for nearly 30 years as the Friendly Giant, who with his friends Rusty the Rooster and Jerome The Giraffe entertained kids with light music and stories.

Eric Carr of KISS

Paul Caravello (Eric Carr): Eric was Peter Criss' replacement as drummer for the band KISS in 1980. His powerful drumming style gained him many fans, until his life was tragically cut short by cancer in 1991. His KISS alter-ego was the Fox.

Don Messer

Don Messer: Back in the 1960's on CBC television in Canada, Don Messer and his Islander's were a musical group who played old time fiddle music, which is still popular among Canadians even to this day.

Gilligan's Island

Bob Denver: Best known as the lovable doofus "Willie Gilligan" or just plain "GILLIGAN" on Gilligan's Island

The Howells: Thurston (Jim Backus) and Lovey (Natalie Schafer) were two passsengers on the ill fated "three hour tour" on the S.S. Minnow on the 60's TV series, Gilligan's Island. Jim was best known as the voice of "the nearsighted cartoon character Mr. Magoo".

Alan Hale Jr. : Best known as the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.

Friday, November 11, 2005

In Flanders Fields

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month... In Canada, we pause to remember our war dead. This day marks the end of the First World War, which began in August of 1914, and finally ended after 4 years of bloody war on November 11, 1918. Over 9 million died in the "War to End All Wars"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

USS Equulus NCC-1603

Tombstone for the USS Equulus... Calgary Star Trek club

Cecily Adams

Cecily Adams, daughter of Don Adams, best known as Ishka, Mother or "Moogy" of Quark and Rom, of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.

Don Adams

Don Adams, best known as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart of the Mel Brooks Comedy... Get Smart.

Paul Winfield

Paul Winfield... best known as Captain Terrel of the Starship Reliant from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan

DeForrest Kelley

De Forrest Kelley... best known to Star Trek fans as the "old country doctor" Doctor Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer of the Starship Enterprise

Mark Lenard

Mark Lenard, best known to Star Trek Fans as Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan.

April Gorman

April Gorman, Captain of the USS Equulus NCC-603 - NCC-1603

USS April Gorman NCC-21855, named after Captain April Gorman

Richard Biggs

Richard Biggs, best known to sci-fi fans as Doctor Stephen Frankin, onboard the Earth Alliance Station Babylon 5.