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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wayne and Shuster

Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster: CBC Radio and television comediennes, known to Canadian and American audiences for their 67 appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS television, and having their own long running series on CBC television in Canada. They are best known for their "Literate" comedy, combined with slapstick, and for skits like "Rinse the Blood Off My Toga" a take off of Julius Caesar (with the famous line "Julie don't go!), and the Shakespeare Baseball Game, which had a baseball team filled with characters from Hamlet and Macbeth. This was a tip of the hat to the Stratford Shakespeare festival, in Stratford, Ontario.

One of my favorite lines from W&S is from "Rinse the Blood of my Toga", where the hero, Flavius Maximus, the famous Private Roman Eye goes into a bar and orders a "Martinus". The bartender asks him, "Don't you mean "Martini?" Flavius shoots back "If I wanted two, I'd ask for them!"
An interesting note is Frank's cousin, Joe Shuster, is the co-creator of Superman!!


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