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Friday, November 18, 2005

Batman - The 60's TV Series

This is for the characters from the Batman TV series from January 12, 1966 to March 14 1968.

Frank Gorshin
AKA The Riddler. The Riddler, with an insane laugh to match the Joker, was always dropping clues and riddles to Batman and Robin for them to solve... sometimes at their own peril.

Burgess Meredith
AKA The Penguin. One of Batman's best known villains, the cigarette smoking, umbrella handing villain who had a tendency to go "WAUGH WAUGH WAUGH" when irritated or upset.

Cesar Romero
AKA The Joker. Batman's greatest villain, the Joker was a grinning ghoul who laughed an insane laugh at the drop of hat. He had schemes to get rid of the dynamic dunderheads, but were always defeated by Batman and Robin.

Alan Napier
AKA Bruce Wayne's loyal Butler Alfred Pennyworth, who answered the Bat-phone, kept the atomic pile and the crime-fighting equipment in the Batcave dusted, and helped Batman and Robin in their quest to bring justice to Gotham City

Madge Blake
AKA Aunt Harriet Cooper, Dick Grayson's aunt, who lived with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in stately Wayne Manor, and had no idea that Bruce and Dick were Batman and Robin.

Neil Hamilton and Stafford Repp
AKA Police Commissioner Gordon, and Police Chief O'Hara. Commissioner Gordon used the red bat-phone in his office to call the caped crusaders whenever trouble arrived. O'Hara was always at the commissioner side, and occasionally helped Batman and Robin out.


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