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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old Drumheller High School (1927 - March 4, 2008)

The old Drumheller, Alberta High School, about a week after the fire, looking from the east.

Looking from the SE at the remains.

View from the rear or west side. 

The old Drumheller High Scholl was used until 1963, when students were moved to the newly constructed Composite High School . The building was used until the early 2000's as the Big Country Education Consortium, until that was moved to the old Central School located on the west side of downtown. Drumheller Community Television used to broadcast from the basement of the school until 2003, and it was there where I did up my first video production on the Atlas Coal Mine, located in East Coulee, about 13 miles SE of Drumheller on Highway 10.

Sadly, the building was destroyed by fire on March 4, 2008. The cause has yet to be determined, and the town of Drumheller has lost another of it's older buildings. 


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