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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wop May

Wop May was a pioneering aviator, who won the Distingushed Flying Cross in World War I, claiming 13 aircraft and 4 probables.
He is best remembered for doing an flight from Edmonton to Fort Vermilion, Alberta in January 1929 after a diptheria outbreak in Little Red River, a small community about 50 miles east of Fort Vermilion. With Vic Horner, he took off from Edmonton January 2nd, near noon, and had to land on a lake for the night around 4 PM near Peace River. After re-fueling on the Peace River, they arrived in Fort Vermilion, January 3rd at 3 PM. The drugs were quickly distrubted, and the pair left for Peace River. However, bad fuel caused engine damage to their plane, and they had to stop in Peace River for repairs, and finally got back to Edmonton on January 7th. An Edmonton radio station had followed their flight, and a media circus met them when they arrived in Edmontion.

May also helped the RCMP find Albert johnson, the infamous "Mad Trapper of Rat River" in early 1932. He was also credited in saving an RCMP officer's life, after he flew the injured officer 125 miles to a doctor.

May was also awarded the US Medal Of Freedom with Bronze Palm in 1947 by the United States Army Air Force (USAAF), for his work in Search and Rescue.


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