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Saturday, December 17, 2005

John Candy

John Candy, best known to Canadians by his many characters on SCTV, including "Billy Sol Hurok" on "Farm Celebrity Blowup" (May the good Lord take a liking to you, and BLOW YOU UP REAL SOON! (KABLOOIE!)); "The Shmenge Brothers"; "Dr. Tongue", who starred in really bad 3-D horror movies, like "Dr. Tounge and the 3D House of Pancakes"; the vain bloated variety star "Johnny LaRue", whom Santa finally got him a television camera crane shot; "Harry, the man with the snake on his face" who ran "Harry's Sex Shop"; and the lovable "Hey Yorgi" which ran on CCCP1 (three C P one), Russian Television, which had illegally jammed SCTV for one episode.

John will also be remembered from his many film roles, but to me espically from Michael Moore's infamously funny "Canadian Bacon", where John was "Bud B. Boomer"... a sheriff in Niagara, NY, USA who almost turned a phony war with Canada into a deadly serious one. Sadly, this was John's last offical movie.


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